Portion Guide/Cost

Wedding Cakes

Your venue will cut and serve your cake and will be trained to do so using catering portions.

Catering Portions of wedding Cake are as follows

Traditional Fruit Cake: 1 inch by 1 inch square (2.5 cm x 2.5 cm)

Sponge Cake: 2 inch by 1 inch (5cm x 2.5 cm)

The prices below will act as a guide on how to cost your wedding cake. Almost all of the cakes we make are bespoke to the requirements of each customer this means we have to price most cakes individually. The following prices below are basic cake prices for 2013 and show popular tier combinations.

Cake Size Round Tiered Cake Square Tiered Cake
8″,10″ £235 £250
6″,8″,10″ £310 £340
4″,6″,8″,10″ £375 £415
4″,6″,8″,10″,12″ £450 £495

Wedding cake portion guide

Other combinations, shapes and sizes are available.


Prices start from £1.75 for a simple design , and can vary up to £4.00.

Cake Pops

Cake lollipops on a stick, covered in chocolate/candy, prices range from £1.75 to £3.00.


Prices range from £1.50 to £4.50 depending on design and materials used.

Mini Cakes

Mini Cakes are a nice alternative to tiered cakes, having a smaller top cake with mini cakes positioned beneath. These serve 2 people each, and start from £6.00 per mini cake.


Prices start at £1.75 each.